An Independent Write-In Candidate

My Humble Beginnings

Born in a lake cottage in White Pigeon Michigan in 1964, I was given life by a young mother of 2 and a father fresh out of the Navy. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe my father mentioned that he served on a carrier during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Around age 1 we moved to Elkhart Indiana where my birth certificate was registered, but a year later my mother and father divorced and my mother of now 4 began her life raising 4 children with the occasional visitations.

We spent our time living in a trailer park, which might not have been wealthy but I consider my childhood to be rich. Tree houses, bike paths and all the wonders of childhood. We moved several times over the years, but mom's hard work paid off and all of our moves were always up. To that I am extremely greatful, and yes I have told her so. Around the age of 12, computer began to become available to the public and I wasted no time learning about them. Computers weren't really my primary desire, space and science fiction was. But we work with what we've got, right?

My early life in computers was tough, given none of my friends thought computers were cool. Or at least if they did, they hid it aweful well. Anyway, I spent most of my youth hiding what I was learning or I would get the old faithful "Beam Me Up, Scotty!" comment. Was I a Star Trek fan, sure. But it was only funny the 1st 10,000 times it was said to me. 

The 1st couple of books I had access to was on Fortran, Cobol and Pascal. For a 12 year old to attempt learning to code in Fortran or Cobol, I look back and say 'dang' I really had some guts to reach for the improbable. Eventually smaller computers came out like Apple's Lisa and Mac and Radio Shacks models I, II & 3 running TRS/DOS. With 16k of ram and a Bsave to a cassette recorder, I sure thought I was on my way to Star Trek. Boy, was I wrong.

Yes I remember when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked out of their garages, and no I won't claim one over the other. The Early Apples used True 128-bit chips, but later reverted to 64-bit chips like Intel. as far as I'm concerned, Apple lost to IBM's, because any time you wanted to add-on or replace a part on an Apple you had to get it from Apple. Whereas the IBM's formed an Industry Standard that 3rd party companies could develop new or replacement parts. Apple caused it themselves.

Fast forward 35 years and you find me burn't out on computers seeking a new career that didn't inlclude computers, which brought me to seek out a college. In 1983, college didn't really offer degree's in Space Studies specifically and one day I happen to see an ad on the internet for American Public University promoting their undergraduate program in Space Studies. I had just finsihed up 12 years working security and ready for the change, so I jumped at the chance. Terrified I might not be able to carry my weight after 35 years of being out of school, I was pleasantly surprised that I not only carried my weight I excelled. Finishing my 4 year degree a little early, I applied for membership with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. About 4 years in I submitted my application to be a board member of the Space Systems Technical Committee (SSTC), which was voted in favor of and began my 3 years on the SSTC.

In 2018, I decided to attempt graduate school and my masters degree in Space Studies. Choosing my concentration was a tough decision to make, of the (3) choices of Space Policy, Astronomy or Aerospace Science, I really only had an interest in 2 of the 3. Planetary science equates to all of the cool scientific finds in space, but there isn't a lot of call for astronomers. Since my father enjoyed wrenching on Antique Cars like the 1929 Ford Street Rod T-bucket we had while I was growing up, I decided wrenching on something with a lot more Horse Power. Rockets and Aircraft!

That leads me up to why I decided to run for President of the United States, click on the About link at the top and it pretty much explains why.