An Independent Write-In Candidate

A Non-reprentitive Government

At the time I made this chart the U.S. population was 329,928,081(million) people and growing at +1 person every 17 seconds, which after subtracting 17% for those 17 years and younger left 273,840,307 possible voters age 18 and up. On average and not counting the Presidential Election of 2020, democrats and republicans garner about the same average vote in this example democrats would recieve roughly 24% and republicans the roughly 24%. Neither democrats nor the republicans obtain 50% of the voting age public, which left 145,001,965 (million) voters without someone to vote for that was neither democrat or republican. Democrats have monopolized the media, which in my view makes that 'racketeering' and Conspiracy considering they are fully aware of their monopoly of the ability to talk to voters on a daily basis nationwide on issues that voters not affiliated with democrats or republicans want to talk about.

Democrats being 1 part of the monopoly on elections can blackmail voters with regards to their rights since democrats are 'pro choice' when it comes to abortions, but force voters to except Gun Restrictions.

Republicans being the 2nd part of the monopoly on elections defends 'pro gun' rights, but forces voters to except an 'anti-abortion' stance forcing voters into an extortion of a sort. 

A permanent 3rd party only makes sense if the U.S. government is suppose to be representitive of all 'or as much as possible' the entire population of citizens, not just the 24% + 24% = 48% or < 1/2 of the voting age populas. Nor should the Department of Justice or the F.B.I. be politically influenced, as well as Federal and State Attorney Generals and Prosecutors. 

How many Democrat State Prosecutors and Attorney Generals defended Donald Trump during 4-years of democrats 'Framing Trump' for narratives to justify False Impeachements?

Black Racists are America's Real Problem

Black Americans might not be aware of the 'actual' facts about racism, because they don't actually know the truth about race relations. You hear a lot of Black Americans say White Supremicists are a threat, but White Supremicists don't kill or attack Black Americans anywhere near as often as Black Americans attack or kill White Americans. According to the F.B.I.'s own statistics over a 10 year period (2010-2019), Black Americans kill Over TWICE as many White Americans EVERY YEAR. If White Supremicists were 'actually' a real problem, I'm sure Black Americans would be dieing TWICE as often as White Americans. Not that I would want that, but it clearly shows that Black Americans are the BIGGER racist problem with U.S. race relations.